Chinese Language and Asian Sex Videos

Asian Sex Videos

When the opportunity arose to take a hiatus from work, a twelve month, much needed break, there was no denying the thought was met with anticipation, and also the knowledge of exactly where the year would be spent. A long desire to see the Asian continent had him on a plane, destination, China, and he couldn’t be happier.

His mind drifted across the clouds outside of his window seat, and he recalled the time he reached puberty and the nice Asian sex videos of naked girls in his mind, that would be his focal point for late night, solo masturbation sessions.

As he got older, his taste for the fineness of China sex never wavered, he dreamed of the day when he would be on his way to the Orient, and he was planning to learn and experience all that he could in the year he had been given. Turning himself slightly in his seat, giving a bit of privacy, he opened his laptop and logged into,, knowing from there, he would find the foreplay type of teasing and the hardcore pornographic pleasure of Asian amateur nude girls.

He hailed a taxi to his newly acquired apartment, the rooms were small, but comfortable, and the Oriental décor reminded him of where he was and how his fantasies were coming true. A quick shower then led him ten blocks down the busy street to the language school that would teach him the art of speaking fluent Chinese. Walking into the room, the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen sat behind a wooden desk. With glasses perched on her nose, legs crossed and her high heel dangling from one foot, she looked up and smiled. He immediately could feel an erection building.

He explained that he wanted to learn from the Chinese language school and she promptly began to teach, and yet, his mind was drifting to the buttons unfastened at the top of her blouse, revealing creamy cleavage and the fleshiness lifted over the laciness of her bra. He tried to concentrate, but, his mind was fixated on wanting Asian sex with this woman. She was a few years older, making her a lovely, Oriental MILF that he knew would be the vision for his masturbating session.

She was so graceful in movement, so precise in speech, and the hardness of his cock told him, he wanted her. As she spoke of guidelines for his tutoring, she noticed his eyes would glaze over, his lips would part and his breathing became shallow. “He is handsome,” she thought, and always having a particular fondness for American’s, she wondered if China sex was crossing his mind.
He asked a few questions, trying to convince his lovely instructor of the Chinese language that he was paying attention, but, her replies were lost in the loudness of his own thoughts.

As she delegated reading material and homework, she dropped her pencil on the floor in front of her desk. Bending over, she found herself arching her shapely ass a bit more than normal, and realized she was flirting with him, and lingered as long as she could to give him a good view of not only her firm ass, but, her stocking clad legs as well.

He more than noticed the arousal she offered. His cock grew larger, there was no hiding his erection. She came closer to his desk, bending over to point out something in a book, he could smell the soft scent of her perfume and when turning his face, he could see down her blouse. His desire for Asian sex videos was taking him over quickly.

A paper began to slide from his desk and in a quick reflex to catch it, his hand brushed across her delicate breast. He tried to apologize, but realized he wasn’t sorry, he was there to learn and also to live out his China sex fantasy. She didn’t jump or move away, in fact, she pressed her body closer to his and then turned around so his face was firmly pushed against her heaving breasts. His hands pushed them tenderly from the sides, while his mouth maneuvered between the opened buttons, he was tasting the creaminess of her skin.

At that moment she stepped back, but only long enough to usher him to stand, and then, unfastening his jeans, she pulled them down and off over his shoes, leaving him naked, hard, and wanting her. With a few tugs to the side of her skirt, she lifted it high, to her waist area, and he then slid his fingers across the seam of her pantyhose, and then with one very manly sweep of his fingers, he ripped the nylons away from her crotch, taking no time to begin massaging her hard clit. Her first orgasm came quickly, and then she mounted him. She took his pulsating cock deeply into her creamy vaginal opening, sliding up and down until he then exploded his hot semen into her belly. He would learn the Chinese language, and also enjoy Asian sex videos at

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